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Sound Therapy: My Godsend and How It Can Help You Finally Heal

Sound Therapy: My Godsend and How It Can Help You Finally Heal

What is sound healing, how does it work, and how can it help you? This article goes into detail about my personal experience with sound healing and answers the questions you might have surrounding this powerful healing modality.

I am a chronic pain/illness warrior - I've spent much of my life in severe discomfort, battling illness that nearly sucked the life out of me. Managing the pain became very possible through sound healing and crystal therapy, even though prior to using these modalities, I feared living the rest of my life in severe pain and suffering. Hope for a better human experience became shrouded in a cloud of dis-ease, but I did not yet know that my journey would be an outlet for inner discovery and growth, or that it would allow me to share my experiences and empower others who feel the same.

For so long, my pain and illness hindered my ability to do daily activities that normally come easily to others, leading me down a dark road of deep depressions. I never thought it could really get much worse than constant hospital stays, invasive medical procedures, and endless fatigue, but LIFE proved me wrong.

In 2015, my body was subjected to the massive force of a speeding vehicle crashing into the back end of my friend's convertible Mustang, directly where I sat. My body immediately flung into motion, the air was completely knocked out of me and my head crashed into the window, causing a concussion and large hematoma on the back of my skull. All I can remember is struggling to breathe and being transported to the hospital in an ambulance. I am grateful I still have my life after that night; however, I would not consider myself lucky, as I have been in increasingly severe, daily pain since then.

Finding the healing methods that work for my body has been a long experiment, full of roller coaster highs and lows. Since this post is meant to shed light on, and share information about, sound healing, I won't go into everything else. Instead, I will focus on how sound healing works, how it has helped me, and how it can help you too.

So, what is sound therapy?
Sound therapy involves the use of vibrations/sound/frequencies to assist in healing emotional, mental, and physical dis-ease and energy blockages that manifest as a result of our daily habits, exposure to toxins in our environment, traumas, etc. Crystal singing bowls, tuning forks, and the voice are just a few of the tools that can be utilized for sound therapy.

How does sound therapy work?
Through the process of entrainment, our brain waves begin to match the waves of the stable sound/frequency being produced, and thus, allow us to slip into a more meditative state. In our conscious waking state, our brainwaves are in Beta, but as we begin to transition to a sleeping or meditative state, we go through Alpha, Theta, Delta, and even Gamma waves (studies on the brainwaves of monks meditating on love often show their brains in the Gamma state).

When we have energy blockages and symptoms of dis-ease, it is clear that our bodies are not functioning at their full capacity. What sound healing stands to do is bring our personal, lower vibrations to a highly functioning level by consistently bringing them up to the higher vibrations, emitted from the healing tool.
Furthermore, as sound enters our brains, it sparks a response in which our bodies release hormones and chemicals, such as dopamine - dopamine is an amazing natural painkiller. Issues like chronic pain, depression, anxiety, and more can be treated alternatively with sound.

What is the sound healing process like?
Sound healing practices vary from practitioner to practitioner. For example, some healers may use gongs, crystal singing bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, or chanting in their methods. Often times, sound baths consist of small to medium sized groups of people (sometimes large) gathering in a single room. Participants are encouraged to lay down on a yoga mat or blanket, maybe rest their heads on a pillow, close their eyes, relax the muscles in their bodies, and conduct breath work. This facilitates the process whereby we allow ourselves to let down our guards and relax into an energetically healing environment. The sound healing instruments are played by the practitioners, and some will walk you through a guided meditation as the sounds permeate your brain and cells in your body. Most sound baths last between 30 minutes and 1.5 hours. Afterwards, you are encouraged to describe any emotions/thoughts/feelings you felt throughout the process, as a means of becoming conscious of the ways in which it helped you.
Many people describe out of body experiences, waves of emotions that bubble up to the surface and cause physiological reactions in their bodies, and even powerful spiritual experiences/revelations. Others describe the experience as calming and peaceful, often causing them to fall asleep very deeply, as well as being overwhelmed with a feeling of gratitude and love.

My experience with sound healing
My very first experience with sound healing occurred a few years ago, and was mind-blowing and completely unexpected. I remember walking into the room and seeing a giant planetary gong and big singing bowls lit up in purple at the center of the room. This sound bath was accompanied by breath work, which immensely enhanced the experience. As we went through the sound bath, we were encouraged to let our emotions out as loudly or quietly as we needed to - there were people laughing, sobbing, and singing. Personally, I felt the weight of years of pain releasing from deep within me and I could not stop myself from crying. Even more powerful, was the sensation of electricity shooting from my fingertips and the uncontrollable shaking of the lower half of my body. I walked out of that room amazed, in shock, and spiritually changed. It was far more profound than any other experience I had ever had (and I was completely sober).

About 3 months ago, my partner and I picked up our very first singing bowl after years of pining for one. After the first bowl, we couldn't help but pick up a second, and then a third! We are slowly building our collection of crystal singing bowls so that we have one tuned to each Chakra. We also have a tuning fork and plan on expanding the types of instruments we use in our practice.

After playing consistently for each other and recognizing the drastic, positive impact it had on our lives, we set out to share the healing with our communities and the world around us. Now, we combine my vocals with the Quartz crystal singing bowls and record videos on YouTube, so others can have access to the healing vibrations we create. Additionally, we conduct sound bath gatherings where people can come to our space and experience the frequencies in an intimate setting.

How has my body and health been impacted by consistent use of sound healing methods for the last few months?
The car accident caused severe whiplash and damaged my neck so badly that the vertebrae now sit upon, and crush, one another and my spine is drastically curved. Right before I started incorporating crystal singing bowls into my practice, I was in a very deep depression, pushing through a dark and skewed perception of life that was a product of years of daily chronic pain. I woke up most days having a really difficult time moving my body to get out of bed and couldn't sit down to make jewelry for more than 20 minute periods. My central nervous system was sending out constant pain signals that made me mentally and physically exhausted. This had a snowball effect on my life and washed over into my productivity in my business, as well as the health of my relationships. I was ready to give up - not only on my business that I worked so hard on for 2 years, but also my life.

Now, my pain levels are lower, my anxiety and depression have subsided, and I am more productive than ever. I am more conscious of when my body needs rest to recover, when I need to take deeper breaths, and where I carry tension in my body that needs to be released. My mental stamina is incredibly high and I can actually feel my body making the efforts to heal, as well as regenerating the cells in my blood. My skin has cleared and my bodily functions have become far more regular. Out of anything I've ever tried, the crystal singing bowls have made the most impact on my condition and life in general.

Life has been more synchronistic and positive since - I received so many blessings and made enormous accomplishments, and I have my new, higher vibration to thank for it. Our vibes attract our tribes and what we put out into the universe, comes back to us. Communicating with the Higher Self is so much more accessible when we don't have mucky, low vibrations to push through. That is where the willingness to do the work emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically opens up the doors to infinite abundance, growth, healing, and inner discovery.

I am so grateful that sound healing came into my life and quite literally saved it. Sharing this healing and journey with you is so important to me, and I am passionate about continuing to help others find their way. Please join me on my Instagram and YouTube channel for sound healing experiences, or sign up for my Soul Mining coaching program to have a custom sound healing recording created just for you.

Stay tuned for announcements on upcoming in-person sound and crystal gatherings.

Have you ever had a sound bath experience? Do you have any questions? Let me know in the comments below and share your thoughts about this article. I would love to know what you think, as well as what topics you would like to see in future blogs.

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