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Sound Healing and Meditation for Restoration of Body, Mind, and Soul

Sound Healing and Meditation for Restoration of Body, Mind, and Soul

This post features a live sound healing video recording from my YouTube channel, in which you can use to meditate to, vibe with, and sink into calming peace. Enjoy.

In the midst of our hectic, jam-packed days, it's important to remain conscious of how often we slow down to recover and show ourselves TLC. As much as our current society leads us to believe so, we are not machines and we require rest, recovery, and healing.

We recorded this sound healing meditation with the intention of encouraging restoration of the bodies, minds, and souls of those who listen/watch - as a little nudge to consciously treat oneself to the necessary slowing down of our physiology and minds. If you enjoy what you hear, please let me know in a comment and subscribe to my YouTube channel.


  • Posted by Margie Scheiner on

    You sound like an Angel. You have such a beautiful voice. You’re a fortunate that you found a partner thsts right there, spiritually with you. Blessings to all of you.

  • Posted by essie on

    “It has been said that music was never invented or found, but is something that we all have inherently. As a result, it is not surprising that for ages, music has been employed to help heal a variety of illnesses.
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  • Posted by ljMXKFcqQIBP on


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