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Double Terminated Black Chlorite Phantom Quartz Point

  • $39.00

Unveil the subtle beauty of our Whispering Echo Smokey Quartz with Small Chlorite Inclusions, available for $39.00. This tower, at a weight of 57.3 grams and standing 62.9mm tall with a width of 28.5mm and depth of 25.8mm, holds a world of silent stories in its smokey depths and feathery chlorite whispers.

The soft grey translucency of this Smokey Quartz is a canvas for the Chlorite inclusions, which offer gentle, earthy accents. These small, subtle inclusions provide grounding energy, commonly associated in color therapy with restoration, balance, and environmental connection.

This tower's ideal placement in Feng Shui would be in the northeast to promote knowledge and self-cultivation or in the center to aid in grounding and stabilizing energies throughout your home or office.

The Whispering Echo Smokey Quartz Tower is not just an object of contemplation but also an ally in your spiritual journey, facilitating a deeper understanding of nature's quiet rhythms and the intricate patterns that underpin our existence.

Add this enchanting piece to your environment to nurture a serene space, infused with the wisdom and calm of this uniquely included Smokey Quartz.

Dimensions: 62.9h x 28.5w x 25.8d

Weight: 57.3g

SKU: 1-3-3SmoQuaSmaChl-39-57.3 | #1019