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Transcendent Garden Quartz Point - Earth's Painterly Abstraction

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Explore the intricate beauty of our Transcendent Garden Quartz Point, a stone that weighs 14.6 grams and measures 21.2mm in height, 33.9mm in width, and 22.6mm in depth. This gemstone is like a canvas where nature has etched its finest artistry, with earthy inclusions that sketch out a serene landscape.

The warm, earthy palette swirled within its clear quartz boundaries evokes a sense of ancient wisdom and the richness of the soil from which life springs. These tones, cherished in color therapy, are revered for their grounding effects and ability to instill calm and encourage creativity and abundance.

Position this Garden Quartz Point in the center of your home or workspace to benefit from its grounding energy, as the center is related to the Earth element in Feng Shui. This central placement promotes balance, stability, and harmony within your personal and professional life.

More than a mere mineral specimen, this Garden Quartz Point is a focal point for those who seek to deepen their connection with the natural world. Its mysterious inner vista invites contemplation, offering a meditative journey through the miniature landscapes held within its crystal-clear bounds.

Embrace the splendor of our Transcendent Garden Quartz Point and let it serve as a daily reminder of the beauty and complexity of the earth's inner workings.

Dimensions: 21.2h x 33.9w x 22.6d

Weight: 14.6g

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