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Sunset Embrace Orange Calcite Freeform Flat Sided

  • $33.00

Sunset Embrace, an Orange Calcite Freeform Flat Sided, holds the warmth and joy of the setting sun. This vibrant stone, with its soothing orange hues, invigorates the spirit and supports emotional balance, making it a perfect tool for color therapy and energy work.

Its shape and color are ideal for the Southwest area of your home, encouraging love and partnership while infusing your space with creativity and warmth. Leo’s fiery nature is perfectly complemented by this stone, promoting courage, optimism, and a zest for life.

Dimensions: 78.1 x 51.3 x 31.9 mm
Weight: 290.6 grams
SKU: 4-9-1OraCalFreFlaSid-33-290-1205