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Sunlit Frost Lemurian Quartz Point – Luminous Energy Anchor

  • $49.00

Step into a realm of luminous energy with the Sunlit Frost Lemurian Quartz Point, priced at $42.00. This crystalline beacon weighs 42 grams and stands with dimensions of 39.3mm by 31.6mm, with a depth of 24.2mm, capturing the essence of sunlight dancing on winter's frost.

This Quartz point blends the clarity of clear quartz with a whisper of citrine, symbolizing the unity of peace and joy. Its frosted striations resonate with Lemurian energy, known for aiding spiritual evolution and connecting with higher consciousness.

Every facet reflects a journey of growth and illumination, making it an ideal companion for meditation or as a centerpiece for your sacred space. It serves as an anchor for sunlit warmth in any collection or practice.

Dimensions: 39.3 x 31.6 x 24.2 mm

Weight: 42 grams

SKU: 2-5-8CleLemQuaPoiCit-49-42 | #1076