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Sunbeam Ascent Rutile Quartz Tower

  • $89.00

Marvel at the Sunbeam Ascent Rutile Quartz Tower, priced gracefully at $89.00. This crystalline tower weighs 123.5 grams and boasts measurements of 65.8mm by 43.1mm by 32.4mm. It features a breathtaking array of golden rutile strands, akin to sunbeams captured within the clear quartz matrix.

Esteemed for its rutile inclusions, which are thought to carry an energetic charge conducive to clarity and spiritual communication, this quartz tower is a visual spectacle. The golden needles create a vibrant contrast, stirring the imagination and energizing the spirit.

The Rutile Quartz Tower is an extraordinary display piece that can serve as the centerpiece for collection displays or as an energetic tool in personal growth practices.

Let the Sunbeam Ascent Rutile Quartz Tower infuse your space with its radiant energy and serve as a constant source of inspiration and wonder.

Dimensions: 65.8h x 43.1w x 32.4d mm

Weight: 123.5 grams

SKU: 2-4-5RutQuaTow-89-123.5 | #1067