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Sublime Prasiolite Crystal Tower - Harmony in Form and Hue

  • $44.00

Unveil the Sublime Prasiolite Crystal Tower, offered at $44.00, a splendid fusion of form and hue. At a height of 54.9mm and weighing 72.2 grams, this tower's equal width and depth of 33.6mm present a balanced and solid presence. The crystalline elegance of this piece is a testament to nature's artistry in the soothing spectrum of green.

This Prasiolite Tower shimmers with the tranquil essence of a serene forest glade, its color reflecting the heart of nature’s palette. Known for its healing properties, the tower's green hue promotes a sense of renewal, well-being, and emotional balance, echoing the nurturing soul of the Earth.

Each face of this meticulously carved tower captures and reflects light, symbolizing clarity, growth, and the blossoming of new beginnings. It’s an ideal centrepiece for Feng Shui alignment, inviting prosperity and peace while enhancing any space with its poised symmetry.

Embraced by those who seek a deeper connection to nature's restorative powers, this Prasiolite Tower serves as more than just a decorative item—it's a beacon of tranquility. It's perfect for meditation practices, as a thoughtful gift, or as an inspiring addition to a collection, resonating with those who value the harmonious interplay of natural beauty and spiritual enrichment.

With its compelling form and revitalizing color, the Sublime Prasiolite Crystal Tower is poised to bring balance to your environment and spirit alike.

Dimensions: 54.9h x 33.6w x 33.6d

Weight: 72.2g

SKU: 1-1-7PraTow7-44-72.2 | #1007