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Storm Essence Raw Pink Chalcedony

  • $39.00

Storm Essence encapsulates the brooding beauty of a Raw Pink Chalcedony, resonating with the quiet power of thundercloud building at sunset, allow this crystal to take you to a place of imagination. Lose yourself in the druzy crystal cave, and find your self mesmerized by the swirling shapes and patterns present on the surface of this delicate, beautiful pink calcite crystal.

If I may make a suggestion, being that this pink chalcedony specimen perfectly symbolizes natural strength and the purity of nature's cycles, that you pull this crystal out with the phases of the moon. Meditate on your inner being during the new moon, and hold it close to reflect on the power of your current chapter under the full moon, if the weather permits.

Be blissful in your choice to adopt this one of a kind earth treasure, and bring home the magic of it's unique appearance. Let it be an ornament to your own embodied experience

Dimensions: 51.6 x 44.2 x 30.7 mm
Weight: 60.1 grams
SKU: 3-7-3RawPinChaThu-39-60.1-1149