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Purple Hematite Quartz and Pyrite Crystal Cluster

  • $44.00

Step into the Stellar Forge, where Hematite, Quartz, and Pyrite converge in a magnificent cluster. This celestial combination grounds with Hematite's earthy strength, elevates with Amethyst's spiritual tranquility, and attracts abundance with Pyrite's golden sparkle. It's a cosmic toolkit for those on a path of transformation and self-realization.

Position this cluster in the Southwest to enhance relationships and personal insight. Aries and Aquarius find particular resonance with this cluster, stimulating courage and consciousness.

Dimensions: 89.3 x 61.5 x 19.6 mm
Weight: 90.8 grams
SKU: 4-6-3HemAmeCluPyr-44-90.8-1193