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Sovereign Brandberg Amethyst on Matrix

  • $269.00

Introducing the Sovereign Brandberg Amethyst Matrix, a royal treasure that resonates with the energies of wisdom and healing. Nestled within a natural matrix, this Amethyst point is a specimen of sheer wonder, its purple hues a hallmark of spirituality and mindfulness. From the esteemed Brandberg region, known for the finest Amethysts, this piece offers a connection to the regal vibrations that have been cherished by civilizations for centuries.

As a vital tool in Feng Shui, the Amethyst’s placement is believed to enhance the Chi, particularly in spaces dedicated to reflection or repose. The energy of the Amethyst point, poised and striking, is known for its protective qualities, warding off negative energies and fostering an environment conducive to intellectual and spiritual pursuits.

The deep violet shades of the crystal point symbolize the rich tapestry of the mind's eye, embodying the principles of color psychology by promoting balance, inner strength, and peace. This Sovereign Brandberg Amethyst Matrix is more than a mere object of beauty—it is a guardian of serenity, a testament to the legacy of one of the earth's rarest treasures.

Dimensions: 81.3 x 55.25 x 76.2 mm

Weight: 335 grams

SKU: 2-7-1BraAmeMat-269-335-1084