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Tall Purple Labradorite Freeform

  • $169.00

Ascend into the realm of dreams with the Skyward Ascent Tall Labradorite Freeform, an impressive tower of reflective labradorite that stands as a beacon of imagination and discovery. It captures the sky's infinite expanse, shimmering with a spectrum of colors that soar and dip with every angle.

This tall freeform is celebrated in Feng Shui for its ability to elevate thoughts and consciousness, making it a powerful piece for visionaries and dreamers. Let it stand as a monolithic guardian of potential in your home or workspace.

With its towering presence, the Skyward Ascent Tall Labradorite Freeform encourages one to reach higher, offering a tangible connection to the vast sky above.

Dimensions: 132.8 x 90.3 x 49.1 mm
Weight: 966.9 grams
SKU: 2-12-4TalLabFre-169-966.9-1113