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Sapphire Constellation Sodalite Freeform Tower

  • $49.00

Introducing the Sapphire Constellation Sodalite Freeform Tower, attractively priced at $94.00. This tower weighs 94 grams and features dimensions of 85.6mm by 43.7mm by 26.2mm. It boasts an impressive display of rich, sapphire-like blue patches that stand out against a backdrop of milky white and earthy minerals, reminiscent of a constellation-filled night sky.

Sodalite, known for its ability to encourage rational thought and truth, is beautifully expressed in this freeform's deep blue hues, promoting mental clarity and inner peace. Its natural pattern is a visual metaphor for the night sky, inspiring wonder and contemplation.

This unique Sodalite piece is perfect for those who seek to harmonize their thoughts and surroundings. It serves as a symbol of the vast universe, bringing the wisdom of the stars into your personal space.

Adopt the Sapphire Constellation Sodalite Freeform Tower into your environment for a daily dose of cosmic inspiration and the grounding presence of the earth's beauty.

Dimensions: 85.6h x 43.7w x 26.2d mm

Weight: 94 grams

SKU: 2-3-4SodFreTow--94 | #1061