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Raw Chrysocolla Druzy Gemstone - Natural Turquoise Textured Treasure

  • $199.00

Embrace the untouched splendor of the Raw Chrysocolla Druzy Gemstone, offered at $323.7. This grand piece stands 120.6mm tall, stretches 64.6mm wide, and reaches a depth of 31.1mm, weighing in at 323.7 grams.

With its natural, rugged landscape topped with a sprinkling of druzy glitter, it evokes the essence of a starlit sky draped over a turquoise terrain. Celebrated for its serene energies, this Chrysocolla enhances tranquility and fosters better communication.

Add this Raw Chrysocolla Druzy to your space for an authentic touch of nature's wonder and a grounding presence.

Dimensions: 120.6 x 64.6 x 31.1 mm

Weight: 323.7g

SKU: 1-11-2DruChrRaw-199-323.7 | #1046