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Primordial Natura Raw Polished Garden Quartz Point - Essence of the Ancient Earth

  • $111.00

Experience the essence of the ancient earth with our Primordial Natura Raw Polished Garden Quartz Point. This rugged yet refined piece weighs 146.9 grams and reaches an impressive height of 84.5mm, with a width of 70mm and a depth of 40.8mm. The raw, untouched base contrasts beautifully with the polished peaks, capturing a moment where nature's raw power meets refined beauty.

The Garden Quartz Point, with its natural inclusions, holds a universe of earthen elements, suggesting ancient forests and time-etched landscapes. These organic inclusions not only ground the crystal in the physical world but also resonate deeply with our ancestral roots and the evolution of the natural world.

Align this raw and polished quartz point in your environment for a grounding presence that supports growth and stability. It's an ideal centerpiece for spaces dedicated to healing, contemplation, and the nurturing of ideas, embodying the balance between our raw nature and the polished self.

The Primordial Natura Raw Polished Garden Quartz Point is a touchstone to the primal forces of the earth, serving as a daily reminder of our connection to the past and the natural cycle of regeneration and refinement.

Dimensions: 84.5h x 70w x 40.8d

Weight: 146.9g

SKU: 1-4-3RawPolGarQuaPoi-111-146.9 | #1022