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Prasiolite Crystal Tower - Embrace Peace and Growth

  • $29.00

Step into a world of calm and enlightenment with our Serene Prasiolite Crystal Tower, a gemstone renowned for its spiritual awakening properties. Measuring 50.5mm in height, 29mm in width, and 21mm in depth, this tower weighs in at a comfortable 45 grams, making it an ideal companion for both meditation sessions and as a charming addition to your home décor.

Embodying the color of fresh spring leaves, this tower exudes a soothing green hue, symbolizing new beginnings and the nurturing energy of nature. Its calming presence aligns with Feng Shui principles that suggest placing such a crystal in the east or southeast corner of your home or workspace to foster wealth, health, and familial harmony.

Meticulously sculpted to stand tall and majestic, our Prasiolite Tower is a true masterpiece of natural art. This pale green beacon of tranquility resonates with the heart chakra, opening the gateway to inner emotional balance and fostering a spirit of compassion within its soothing embrace.

Not only does this crystal serve as a stunning decorative piece, but it also acts as a tool for personal growth and healing. Its gentle energy is believed to transform negative vibrations into a positive, spiritual light, enhancing the flow of chi and bringing clarity to the mind.

For those drawn to the healing arts or seeking a touchstone for their spiritual practices, this Prasiolite Tower is a must-have. It is perfect for placing in your sacred space or using in crystal grids to anchor the energy of heart-centered awareness.

Dimensions: 50.5 x 29w x 21d

Weight: 45g

SKU: 1-1-2PraTow2-45 | #1002