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Pinnacle of Dawn Pink Yttrium Fluorite Tower

  • $111.00

Unveiling the Pinnacle of Dawn Pink Fluorite Tower, elegantly priced at $111.00. With a stature of 101.3mm in height, 34.1mm in width, and 24.9mm in depth, and a weight of 187.7 grams, this tower rises like the first blush of dawn, encapsulating the serene moments of a new day's beginning.

Admired for its soothing presence, Fluorite is a stone that invites calm and clarity to any setting. The soft pink hues of this tower resonate with gentle energy, offering a visual representation of warmth and tenderness. It is a powerful stone for the heart chakra, promoting compassion and understanding.

As a decorative piece, it not only enhances the aesthetic of its environment but also supports a nurturing and loving atmosphere. Its presence is particularly beneficial in spaces dedicated to healing or intimate gatherings, where its subtle color can inspire a sense of comfort and warmth.

Let the Pinnacle of Dawn Pink Fluorite Tower be a beacon of hope and renewal in your space, ushering in the promise of new beginnings and the warmth of heart-centered connection.

Dimensions: 101.3h x 34.1w x 24.9d mm

Weight: 187.7 grams

SKU: 2-2-1TalPinFluTow-111-187.7 | #1053