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Mystic Dawn Lemurian Quartz Tower - Portal to Clarity

  • $59.00

Behold the majestic 'Mystic Dawn Lemurian Quartz Tower' available for $59.00. Weighing in at a delicate 51.6 grams, it stands with a regal presence at a height of 57.4mm, a width of 29.3mm, and a depth of 21.5mm.

This ethereal Lemurian Quartz Tower is a natural conduit of enlightenment, its frosted striations resembling the first light of dawn piercing through morning mist. As a storied Lemurian piece, it's revered for its connection to ancient wisdom and its ability to open the mind to new levels of awareness.

Crafted from the purest quartz, this tower is a beacon of tranquility, inviting a sense of calm and clarity to all who hold it. It’s a quintessential addition for collectors, healers, and seekers of spiritual growth.

Dimensions: 57.4 x 29.3 x 21.5 mm

Weight: 51.6 grams

SKU: 2-6-1LemPoiTow-59-51.6 | #1077