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Mugwort (Raw Herb)

  • $11.00

Hi there dreamers!

I'm glad you found your way here - I am offering an extremely limited supply of Mugwort for you to use before dreaming, as an aid that can enhance the vivid quality of your dreams, and perhaps guide you to your first experience with Astral Travel.

Whenever you choose to travel in the spirit, be sure to anchor yourself to your physical body by imagining a silver or gold strand of light attached to your ankle - and if you choose to burn this herb, do so about an hour before bedtime in the room you will be sleeping and be sure that any and all embers are fully extinguished! Another way to utilize the benefits of raw Mugwort, is to add it to your evening tea if that's a part of your ritual!

Sleep Safe and Enjoy!

 What You'll Get:

(One) 2g Serving of Mugwort in a Small Glass Jar.

[opal not included]