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Misty Realm Clear Grey Garden Quartz Point

  • $129.00

Step into the Misty Realm with this Clear Grey Garden Quartz Point, a masterpiece of nature that bridges the ethereal and the earthly. This quartz point captures the essence of a foggy morning, its clear grey hues embodying balance, neutrality, and calm. It's a beacon for those seeking clarity and peace in their spiritual journey.

Perfect for Feng Shui enthusiasts looking to enhance the energy of the Northeast sector of knowledge and wisdom. This garden quartz point is believed to foster learning, clarity of thought, and unlock the door to higher realms of understanding.

Dimensions: 86.5 x 52.6 x 37 mm
Weight: 179.1 grams
SKU: 3-8-1CleGreGarQuaPoi-129-179.1-1152