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Majestic Seagreen Ocean Jasper Tower - Timeless Oceanic Tapestry

  • $49.00

Step into the grandeur of the sea with our Majestic Seagreen Ocean Jasper Tower, priced at $49.00. With a significant weight of 122.6 grams and standing tall at 88mm, the width of 30.9mm, and a depth of 23.4mm, this ocean jasper tower captures the essence of the ocean's rhythmic beauty.

Each facet of this tower is adorned with a natural tapestry of sea-green patterns accented by earthen yellows, offering a visual echo of underwater realms and sandy shores. This captivating piece is a reminder of the ocean's vast and mysterious life, frozen in time within jasper's solid grace.

Utilize the potent energy of this Ocean Jasper Tower in your home by placing it in the north, associated with life's journey according to Feng Shui, to enhance your personal path with its grounding yet fluid energy.

This Ocean Jasper Tower isn't just a stone, it's a slice of the ocean's soul, ready to fill your environment with its ageless serenity and balance. It’s ideal for those seeking a piece of the earth's watery wonders or a talisman to anchor their maritime meditations.

Embrace this Majestic Seagreen Ocean Jasper Tower into your collection and let its gentle, steady energy guide you through life's ebb and flow.

Dimensions: 88h x 30.9w x 23.4d

Weight: 122.6g

SKU: 1-6-1OceJasTowGre-49-122.6 | #1031