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Himalayan Quartz Cluster

  • $259.00

Step into a natural wonderland with our Majestic Himalayan Quartz Cluster Spike, available for $259.00. Towering at an impressive 147.5mm height, 52.1mm width, and 51.4mm depth, and weighing 210.6 grams, this piece brings the splendor of the snowy Himalayan peaks right into your living space.

Behold a crystalline spectacle reminiscent of a frosted forest, with each quartz spike glistening like icicles under the winter sun. This cluster is a silent witness to the serenity of the mountains, with its natural spikes conveying a sense of untouched beauty and strength.

In crystal healing, Himalayan Quartz is revered for its high vibrations, believed to purify and energize all the chakras, especially resonating with the crown chakra. Strategically place this cluster in a meditative space or as a central piece in your home to channel these harmonizing energies.

According to Feng Shui principles, such clusters disperse negative energy and replace it with positive vibes, making it an ideal piece for communal areas or workspaces to enhance productivity and peace.

Dimensions: 147.5h x 52.1w x 51.4d mm

Weight: 210.6g

SKU: 1-7-1HimQuaCluSpi-259-210.6 | #1035