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Majestic Himalayan Green Quartz Crystal Cluster

  • $199.00

Presenting our Himalayan Quartz Cluster, a captivating assemblage with a verdant tint. At 130.7mm by 48.8mm by 38.1mm and weighing 159.5 grams, this cluster exudes the harmony of nature. Each crystal stands as a testament to the balance and emotional healing it promotes, deeply connecting with the nurturing energies of the earth.

The green hue captures the essence of growth and vitality, setting a tranquil atmosphere conducive to clear, heartfelt decisions. As a decorative element, it adds not just aesthetic value but infuses any space with its calming, grounded presence.

Strategically placed according to Feng Shui, this quartz cluster can act as a catalyst for energy flow, enhancing prosperity and overall well-being. It's a guardian of natural elegance, capable of transforming any environment into a haven of serene energy.

This Himalayan Green Quartz Cluster is more than a visual spectacle; it's a source of protective energies, an ally for meditation, and a commanding presence that radiates throughout any space.

Let this piece bring a fragment of Himalayan tranquility into your life.

Dimensions: 130.7h x 48.8w x 38.1d mm

Weight: 159.5 grams

SKU: 1-12-1HimQuaCluGre-199-159.5 | #1047