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Majestic Emerald Mist Yttrium Fluorite Tower

  • $233.00

Introducing the Majestic Emerald Mist Fluorite Tower, a substantial addition to any collection at $421.4. It measures 84.9mm in height, 47.7mm in width, and 41.7mm in depth, and it weighs 421.4 grams. This tower boasts a luxurious green gradient, evoking the lush vibrancy of an emerald forest enshrouded in morning mist.

The Thick Green Fluorite, known for its grounding and intuitive properties, offers a visual depth that draws one in, encouraging deeper contemplation and a connection to nature. This tower aligns with the heart chakra, promoting an atmosphere of healing and growth.

With its robust form, this tower is a grounding force in any space, ideal for those seeking the stability and balance associated with Fluorite. Its rich green tone embodies renewal and life, making it a perfect companion for meditation or as a striking centerpiece in your living space.

The Majestic Emerald Mist Fluorite Tower isn't just a piece to admire; it's a wellspring of natural energy, waiting to imbue its surroundings with harmonious vibrations and a sense of revitalization.

Dimensions: 84.9h x 47.7w x 41.7d mm

Weight: 421.4 grams

SKU: 2-2-3ThiGreFluTow-233-421.4 | #1055