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Luminous Prism Lemurian Quartz Point

  • $89.00

Behold the Luminous Prism Lemurian Quartz Point, a crystalline marvel that channels the universe's life force. With its substantial presence and radiant clarity, this Lemurian Quartz Point acts as a conduit of energy, perfect for seekers of spiritual grounding and enlightenment. This substantial piece, with its intriguing internal inclusions and rainbows, serves as a visual representation of the connectivity between all living things.

According to Feng Shui principles, this crystal point, with its solid base and ascending apex, symbolizes the growth and accumulation of positive energy, making it an excellent addition to areas of your home or workspace where concentration and creativity seek to flourish. It is a stone that resonates with strength and clarity, echoing the ancient belief in Lemurian crystals as keyholders of hidden knowledge and power.

In the spectrum of color psychology, the pure transparency of this quartz point reflects intentions of clarity, focus, and intentionality. As a centerpiece or a personal talisman, the Luminous Prism Lemurian Quartz Point aids in the pursuit of truth and purity in one's personal journey.

Dimensions: 75.4 x 42.4 x 33.3 mm

Weight: 165.4 grams

SKU: 2-6-6ThiLemPoi-89-1082