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Luminous Ocean Jasper Tower with White Peaks - Nautical Harmony

  • $39.00

Introducing the Luminous Ocean Jasper Tower with White Peaks, available for $39.00. This graceful tower weighs 107.1 grams and boasts dimensions of 79.4mm in height, 25.3mm in width, and 23.6mm in depth, perfect for accentuating any space with its marine-inspired splendor.

With its unique blend of translucent whites and deep oceanic greens, this Ocean Jasper Tower evokes the purity of frothy seafoam and the rich depths of the marine world. Its varying hues offer a visual journey akin to a serene oceanic voyage, ideal for those seeking a piece of the sea's meditative tranquility.

According to Feng Shui, this tower's blend of colors encourages a peaceful yet dynamic energy flow when placed in the east of your living space or study, nurturing wisdom and a rejuvenating ambiance.

Whether used in contemplative practices, as a focal point in a mineral collection, or simply to add a touch of the ocean's beauty to your decor, this Ocean Jasper Tower is a versatile gem. It is a remarkable find for anyone drawn to the soothing powers of the sea.

Embrace this Luminous Ocean Jasper Tower with White Peaks into your life and let it anchor the calm, explorative spirit of the ocean in your daily journey.

Dimensions: 79.4h x 25.3w x 23.6d

Weight: 107.1g

SKU: 1-6-2OceJasTowWhi-39-107.1 | #1032