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Luminous Himalayan Quartz Cluster - A Shimmering Tapestry of Crystals

  • $233.00

Introduce a touch of the majestic Himalayas into your space with our Luminous Himalayan Quartz Cluster, priced at $193.3. This magnificent cluster stretches 111mm high, 81.1mm wide, and 34.2mm deep, weighing 193.3 grams, and it encapsulates the essence of the serene and lofty realms from which it originates.

Every angle of this cluster reflects a tapestry of crystalline points, shimmering with the clarity and purity of ice-capped peaks. These sparkling formations are a natural amplifier of energy, according to crystal healing traditions, promoting mental clarity, focus, and a harmonious environment.

In the language of color therapy, the transparent quality of the quartz and its green inclusions correspond to the heart chakra, suggesting it can aid in emotional healing and balance. The placement of this cluster in a central living space or study can enhance peace and positive vibrations, following Feng Shui teachings.

This Himalayan Quartz Cluster is not only a collector's delight but also a focal point for meditation practices, encouraging a clear mind and an open heart. It's a statement piece that embodies the power and tranquility of its Himalayan heritage.

Dimensions: 111h x 81.1w x 34.2d mm

Weight: 193.3g

SKU: 1-6-4HimQuaClu--193.3 | #1034