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Luminous Clarity Clear Quartz Polished Point - A Beacon of Pure Light

  • $55.00

Behold the pure radiance of our Luminous Clarity Clear Quartz Polished Point, a pristine piece weighing 65.7 grams with a height of 84.5mm, a width of 70mm, and a depth of 40.8mm. This clear quartz point captures the essence of crystalline purity and stands as a beacon of light and clarity in any environment.

Clear quartz is known for its powerful amplifying energy and versatility in metaphysical practices. This polished point, with its unblemished surfaces, reflects and radiates light, embodying the concept of clarity in both physical and spiritual realms.

This polished quartz point is ideal for central places of gathering within a home or workspace, enhancing harmony and bringing clarity to thoughts and communication. In Feng Shui, clear quartz can be used to amplify the energy of other crystals and to clear and activate any area of a room or other crystals.

The Luminous Clarity Clear Quartz Polished Point is more than just a visually stunning specimen; it's a tool for meditation, a centerpiece for healing practices, and a harmonizing force in your sacred space.

Invite this symbol of light into your life, and let the Luminous Clarity Clear Quartz Polished Point be an ever-present source of purity, amplification, and serene energy.

Dimensions: 84.5h x 70w x 40.8d

Weight: 65.7g

SKU: 1-5-3CleQuaPol-55-65.7 | #1026