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Lemurian Quartz Point with Phantom Inclusions

  • $149.00

Unveil the mysteries of ancient wisdom with our ethereal Lemurian Quartz Point with Phantom Inclusions, priced at $149.00. Weighing in at 160.5 grams with a stature of 91.8mm tall and a base of 38mm by 30.6mm, this piece is a marvel of natural beauty and storied past.

Revered in metaphysical circles, Lemurian Quartz is cherished for its supposed connection to the lost civilization of Lemuria, with each line and form believed to represent a form of "spiritual barcode" containing esoteric knowledge.

The phantom inclusions within the quartz add an air of mystique, suggesting deep Earth wisdom waiting to be unlocked. Its intriguing interior landscape invites contemplation and offers an exquisite addition to any crystal collection or meditative space.

Dimensions: 91.8h x 38w x 30.6d mm

Weight: 160.5 grams

SKU: 2-5-3LemQuaPoiPha-149-160.5 | #1071