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Lavender Dreams Fluorite Tower

  • $55.00

Introducing the Lavender Dreams Fluorite Tower, elegantly priced at $55.00. Standing at 58.4mm in height, 34.5mm in width, and 28mm in depth, and weighing 123.8 grams, this tower is a vision of soft purple hues that evoke the tranquility of a lavender field at dusk. Its crystalline structure captures the essence of calm and clarity, making it a beloved tool for those seeking to deepen their meditative practices.

The gentle purple bands within this Fluorite Tower are known to encourage peace of mind and spiritual awakening. Ideal for enhancing mental clarity, this piece also serves as a beautiful reminder of the serene moments just before nightfall when the world is awash in soft purple light.

Known for its harmonizing qualities, this tower is perfect for Feng Shui arrangements aiming to cultivate a peaceful and reflective atmosphere. It's particularly conducive to spaces dedicated to relaxation or creative thought.

With its soothing presence, the Lavender Dreams Fluorite Tower is a poetic addition to any home or office, offering more than beauty—it's a symbol of tranquility and mental poise.

Let this Fluorite Tower bring the essence of lavender dreams into your daily life, infusing each moment with its calming energy.

Dimensions: 58.4h x 34.5w x 28d mm

Weight: 123.8 grams

SKU: 2-1-3FluTowPur-55-123.8 | #1050