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Labradorite Freeform with Iridescent Gleam

  • $59.00

Gaze upon the Labradorite Freeform with Iridescent Gleam, a sculpture-like piece of labradorite that exhibits a dazzling play of colors, including a unique purple gleam that resembles the fingerprint of the aurora borealis.

Renowned in Feng Shui for its mystical properties, this piece is thought to awaken one's psychic abilities and elevate their spiritual journey. Its substantial size and entrancing iridescence make it a perfect centerpiece for any room, inspiring awe and deep contemplation.

This labradorite freeform is a visual testament to the transformative power of nature's artistry, encouraging discovery and self-realization.

Dimensions: 81.9 x 85.8 x 36.7 mm
Weight: 459.7 grams
SKU: 2-11-3LabFrePurFin-69-459.7-1108