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Himalayan Quartz Crystal Cluster Twin - A Dual Symphony of Nature's Artistry

  • $269.00

Behold the majestic Himalayan Quartz Crystal Cluster Twin, priced at $211. This natural masterpiece has a dynamic presence with dimensions of 104.5mm height, 79.9mm width, and 45.3mm depth, and a total weight of 211 grams.

This exquisite cluster features a duo of prominent crystal formations, each one a reflection of the other, creating a symphony of natural artistry and harmony. The twin structures rise in unison, their translucent and icy surfaces catching and reflecting light in a display that mimics the rugged beauty of their Himalayan origins.

Known for its ability to amplify energy and intention, Himalayan Quartz is a sought-after ally in meditation practices and a purifier for the living space. Set this cluster as a centerpiece to foster balance and enhance focus, as recommended by Feng Shui principles for optimal flow of Chi.

Position this duo where morning or late afternoon sun can graze its peaks, infusing your space with a cascade of prismatic light. It is ideal for both personal sanctuaries and communal areas, promising to be a conversation starter and a source of daily inspiration.

Dimensions: 104.5h x 79.9w x 45.3d mm

Weight: 211g

SKU: 1-8-1HimQuaCluTwi--211 | #1037