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Himalayan Quartz Crystal Cluster Group - A Radiant Beacon of Clarity

  • $149.00

Introducing our Himalayan Quartz Crystal Cluster Group, priced at $121.1. This radiant assembly stands at a harmonious 68mm height, 56.5mm width, and 44.4mm depth, with a weight of 121.1 grams, symbolizing a beacon of clarity and purity.

Imagine a pristine array of natural quartz crystals, each one a clear channel of light and energy. This cluster group sparkles with a celestial brilliance, offering a breathtaking snapshot of the Himalayan soul, serene and full of wisdom.

Quartz is celebrated for its cleansing aura and ability to enhance mental clarity. In your abode, this cluster group promises to be not just a visual delight but also a spiritual tool for meditation, reflection, and elevating the mind's eye.

Position this cluster in a space where natural light can dance upon its faces, casting reflections that uplift the spirit. It is a splendid choice for the central areas of your home or office, harmonizing energies as per Feng Shui traditions.

Dimensions: 68h x 56.5w x 44.4d mm

Weight: 121.1g

SKU: 1-7-2HimQuaCluGro--121.1 | #1036