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Himalayan Quartz Cluster Split - Majestic Mineral Landscape

  • $459.00

Be captivated by the splendor of the Himalayan Quartz Cluster Split, priced at $378. This magnificent mineral masterpiece measures 50.5mm in height, 92.7mm in width, and 44.7mm in depth, with a weight that asserts its presence at 378 grams.

Resembling a frozen waterfall, this quartz cluster reveals an array of transparent and smoky crystals, cascading over golden citrine hues. Each crystal reflects and refracts light, casting an array of rainbows that animate the cluster's rugged landscape.

Revered for its powerful energy, this cluster is a gateway to both grounding and enlightenment, perfect for practitioners of meditation or those seeking a tangible piece of the Himalayan heavens. In Feng Shui, this cluster promotes harmony and is ideal for spaces dedicated to contemplation or creative thinking.

Display this Himalayan Quartz Cluster Split in a well-lit area to showcase its natural brilliance, ideally where morning or late afternoon light can dance across its many facets. A true collector's item, it's a natural work of art, perfect for enhancing any living space or personal sanctuary.

Dimensions: 50.5h x 92.7w x 44.7d mm

Weight: 378g

SKU: 1-8-3HimQuaCluSpl-459-378 | #1039