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Black Chlorite Quartz Point

  • $89.00

Presenting our Guardian Quartz Point with Chlorite Inclusions, priced at $89.00. Towering at 111.4mm in height, 40.6mm in width, and 32.9mm in depth, and weighing 218.5 grams, this quartz point stands as a natural sentinel. Its interior is laced with Chlorite inclusions, like fine brushstrokes of nature's paint, offering layers of introspection and cleansing energies.

Clear quartz is known for its high vibrations and amplification properties, while Chlorite is heralded for its ability to cleanse and purify, making this quartz point a potent tool for mental clarity and environmental harmony. The Chlorite inclusions, set within the transparency of quartz, ground the point’s celestial clarity with earth’s nurturing whispers.

According to Feng Shui, placing this point in the southeast corner of a home or office can attract prosperity and abundance, or in the study to enhance concentration and revitalization. It’s a beacon for those seeking a clear path through life’s complexities.

The Guardian Quartz Point with Chlorite Inclusions is not just a visually striking piece; it's a powerful ally in meditative practices and a compelling centerpiece that radiates protective energy throughout any room.

Embrace the strength and purity of this Guardian Quartz Point, allowing its presence to bring a grounded, yet enlightened perspective to your space.

Dimensions: 111.4h x 40.6w x 32.9d

Weight: 218.5g

SKU: 1-4-1QuaPoiChl-89-218.5 | #1020