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Golden Threads Rutile Quartz Freeform

  • $49.00

Discover the luminous beauty of the Golden Threads Rutile Quartz Freeform, thoughtfully priced at $49.00. This piece stands with dimensions of 53.5mm by 41.6mm by 28.7mm, and weighs 85 grams, featuring a captivating network of golden rutile needles encased within its crystalline structure.

Rutile Quartz is treasured for its inclusion of needle-like rutile, which is believed to carry an angelic and energetic frequency, aiding in spiritual growth. The golden threads within this freeform represent connectivity and guidance, weaving through the clear quartz like rays of light.

This unique piece is more than a mineral specimen; it’s an emblem of light and clarity. It can serve as a stunning focal point in any space, drawing the eye and the mind toward its intricate details and the interplay of golden inclusions.

Embrace the radiant energy of the Golden Threads Rutile Quartz Freeform as it enhances your surroundings with its splendor and spiritual significance.

Dimensions: 53.5h x 41.6w x 28.7d mm

Weight: 85 grams

SKU: 2-4-4RutQuaFre-49-85 | #1066