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Golden Threaded Rutilated Quartz Point

  • $89.00

Introducing the Golden Threaded Rutilated Quartz Point, available for $89.00. This crystal masterpiece weighs 104 grams and measures 46.9mm by 43.8mm by 37.2mm. It captivates with its yellow rutilated threads, creating a mesmerizing network of golden lines within its clear quartz walls.

This quartz variety is renowned for the unique inclusions of rutile, believed by many to carry powerful amplifying energy. The presence of these golden needles is often associated with wealth, prosperity, and clarity of thought.

Its sparkling interior and multifaceted exterior make it a striking display piece that promises to be not only an aesthetic focal point but also a spiritual companion.

Dimensions: 46.9h x 43.8w x 37.2d mm

Weight: 104 grams

SKU: 2-5-2RutQuaPoiYel-89-104 | #1070