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Golden Ray Lemurian Seed Prism

  • $44.00

Introducing our sparkling Lemurian Citrine Quartz Point, a gemstone treasure available for $44.00. Weighing 48.7 grams and featuring the serene dimensions of 44.1mm in height, a width of 33.22mm, and a depth of 22.2mm, it is a beacon of warmth and enlightenment.

Infused with the golden hues of citrine, this Lemurian Quartz point is not only stunning but also a powerhouse of positive energy. The citrine color enhances the inherent properties of Lemurian Quartz, making it a crystal of abundance and manifestation.

The distinct striations along its sides are characteristic of the Lemurian seed crystals, believed to hold ancient knowledge and wisdom. It is a perfect tool for meditators, healers, and those seeking to connect with higher realms.

Dimensions: 44.1 x 33.22 x 22.2 mm

Weight: 48.7 grams

SKU: 2-5-4LemQuaPoiCit-44-48.7 | #1072