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Ethereal Spirit Quartz Luminance Cluster

  • $249.00

Step into a realm of mystical luminance with the Ethereal Spirit Quartz Luminance Cluster. This radiant cluster, with its countless points of light, channels the collective energy of unity, growth, and spiritual alignment. Its sparkling allure captures the essence of stars caught in crystal form.

This Spirit Quartz is a masterpiece, perfect for creating a space of high vibrational energy and for use in areas dedicated to communal harmony and collective endeavors.

With its ethereal beauty, this Spirit Quartz Cluster is not just a mineral specimen but a beacon of light for spiritual seekers and crystal healers alike.

Dimensions: 83.2 x 67.7 x 71.74 mm
Weight: 226.5 grams
SKU: 3-10-4SpiQua-249-226-1161