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Ethereal Sky Druzy Chrysocolla Display Piece

  • $333.00

Embrace the majesty of the cosmos with the Ethereal Sky Druzy Chrysocolla Showcase. Stand in awe of its substantial presence, measuring 48.5mm by 63.9mm, and towering at 107mm high, with a weight that commands attention at 562.4 grams.

This gem is a constellation in stone, with a shimmering druzy surface that dazzles against the serene backdrop of chrysocolla's sky-like hues. Celebrated for encouraging clear communication and bestowing peaceful energy, this piece integrates the water element's healing properties, as advised by Feng Shui, into your environment.

Ideal as a centerpiece or a statement piece in a meditative space, the Ethereal Sky Druzy Chrysocolla invites you to bask in its heavenly glow. Claim this natural wonder as your own and let its harmonious energy infuse your abode.

Dimensions: 48.5 x 63.9 x 107 mm
Weight: 562.4g
SKU: 1-10-3DruChrShi-333-562.4 | #1044