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Ethereal Mist Fluorite Tower

  • $129.00

Behold the Ethereal Mist Fluorite Tower, priced at $229.7. This statuesque piece, with dimensions of 96.3mm by 37.3mm by 27.4mm and a weight of 229.7 grams, emanates a pure and soothing presence. It features a delicate dance of white and soft purple, reminiscent of early morning fog laced with the first light of dawn.

Fluorite, a stone known for its clear energy and purification qualities, is beautifully expressed in this tower's soft gradient of colors, promoting a serene yet focused ambiance. It's an ideal companion for those looking to enhance mental clarity and purification in their personal or workspace.

Its subtle purple streaks are thought to connect with the crown chakra, facilitating higher states of awareness. The white zones resonate with purity, making this tower not just an object of visual beauty, but also a beacon for spiritual awakening and peace.

The Ethereal Mist Fluorite Tower is a striking addition to any collection, serving as a gentle reminder of the serene moments of stillness that precede clarity and enlightenment.

Invite this piece into your space for a touch of tranquility and a clear mind.

Dimensions: 96.3h x 37.3w x 27.4d mm

Weight: 229.7 grams

SKU: 2-1-4FluTowWhiPur-129-229.7 | #1051