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Ethereal Lemurian Seed Crystal Point

  • $19.00

Introducing the 'Ethereal Lemurian Seed Crystal Point' — a miniature beacon of ancient wisdom and serenity. Weighing a delicate 14.1 grams, this Small Lemurian Point is a gemstone symphony of clarity and mystique. It stands proudly at 33.7mm, with a base width of 18.6mm, and a depth of 15.6mm, embodying a perfect blend of symmetry and raw natural beauty.

Each facet of this Lemurian Seed Crystal reflects a story untold, a whisper of the Earth's heartbeat. Its natural striations are akin to barcodes of the Universe, holding keys to unlock spiritual enlightenment and interdimensional communication. The crystal's pure, high vibrations resonate with those seeking to attune to higher consciousness or to amplify their meditative journey.

Whether placed on a sacred altar or held in contemplation, this crystal point is a powerful tool for healers, seekers, and collectors alike. It serves as a spiritual compass, guiding toward inner peace and outer harmony.

Dimensions: 33.7 x 18.6 x 15.6 mm

Weight: 14.1 grams

SKU: 2-6-4SmalemPoi-19-14.1 | #1080