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Lavender Yttrium Fluorite Tower

  • $111.00

Presenting our Lavender Yttrium Fluorite Tower, priced at $111.00. Towering at 116.7mm in height, 35.1mm in width, and 29mm in depth, this piece weighs 264.7 grams. It captivates with its rich purple layers, offering a sense of peace and mental clarity. The tower's structured form is believed to encourage organized thoughts and meditation focus, resonating with the energy of the third eye chakra.

Fluorite is celebrated for its ability to bring order to chaos, both mentally and spiritually. This purple tower, with its natural geometric form, amplifies this energy, making it an essential for those seeking clarity and concentration in their personal or professional spaces.

As a Feng Shui element, it's perfect for enhancing intellectual growth or spiritual development. Place it in a space where learning or meditation occurs to tap into its full potential.

This Fluorite Tower is more than a stone; it's a beacon of tranquility and insight. Let it stand guard in your environment, emanating its calm and reflective energy.

Let the Purple Fluorite Tower be a guiding force in your journey towards mental acuity and spiritual enlightenment.

Dimensions: 116.7h x 35.1w x 29d mm

Weight: 264.7 grams

SKU: 2-1-1FluTowPur-111-264.7 | #1048