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Violet Uruguayan Amethyst Geode with Custom Stand

  • $359.00

The Enchanted Violet Amethyst Egg Stand is a sanctuary of spiritual serenity, cradling the mystical energy of amethyst in a form that elevates any space. This stand, with its deep purple hues, is a cornerstone of tranquility, aiding in meditation and enhancing psychic abilities.

Optimally placed in the Northeast corner of a room, it nurtures knowledge and wisdom. Amethyst, linked with Pisces and Aquarius, brings a calming influence, perfect for those seeking to deepen their spiritual practice and bring a sense of peace to their environment.

Dimensions: 112.3 x 62.5 x 62.1 mm (Stand Diameter: 118 mm)
Weight: 1239.4 grams
SKU: 4-1-1AmeEggSta-359-1239-1175