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Enchanted Garden Quartz Cluster - A Microcosm of Earth's Splendor

  • $29.00

Behold the Enchanted Garden Quartz Cluster, a miniature world encased in crystal, weighing 23.3 grams, with dimensions of 20mm in height, 35.75mm in width, and 27mm in depth. This cluster is a natural tapestry of earthy inclusions, creating landscapes within landscapes, reminiscent of a lush, verdant garden.

Each glance at this Garden Quartz offers a unique view into its mossy greens and rich browns, colors that embody the grounding energy of Mother Earth. In the practice of color therapy, these tones are believed to foster stability, growth, and vitality. They encourage a connection to the natural world, invoking a sense of balance and well-being.

Artfully place this cluster in the northeastern part of your home to enhance personal self-cultivation and knowledge, as suggested by Feng Shui. The northeast is associated with the Earth element and is the traditional zone for wisdom and introspection. There, this Garden Quartz Cluster will not only serve as a visual delight but also as an anchor for meditative practices and intellectual pursuits.

This cluster isn't just a stone, but a piece of the earth's soul - perfect for anyone looking to bring the serenity of the natural world into their home. It serves as a focal point for contemplation and a reminder of the intricate beauty that lies both within and outside of ourselves.

Introduce this Enchanted Garden Quartz Cluster to your space and allow it to impart its calming and grounding energies, inviting in an atmosphere of tranquil reflection and earth-centered peace.

Dimensions: 20h x 35.75w x 27d

Weight: 23.3g

SKU: 1-2-1GarQuaClu-29-23.3 | #1008