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Enchanted Forest Garden Quartz Chisel Point - A Gateway to Nature's Whispers

  • $33.00

Behold the Enchanted Forest Garden Quartz Chisel Point, a mystical crystal weighing 39.5 grams and measuring 42.5mm in height, 36.8mm in width, and 18.75mm in depth. This quartz point unveils a secret world within its polished facets, where natural inclusions rise like a forest from a misty morning.

Within its clear walls, the Garden Quartz Chisel Point hosts a miniature landscape that evokes the tranquility of untouched woods, with every inclusion narrating a tale of the earth's hidden beauty. This piece is an invitation to reflect on the interconnectedness of all life, providing a sanctuary for the spirit in its unique embrace of nature's artistry.

This crystal's chiseled tip and broad base suggest an ideal placement in the center of a home or workspace to ground energy and promote balance, in alignment with Feng Shui teachings. It is a beacon for those seeking the calm assurance of the great outdoors and the meditative reflection it inspires.

Adopt the Enchanted Forest Garden Quartz Chisel Point into your daily living or workspace for a constant connection with the serene and timeless spirit of the natural world, offering a silent yet profound companionship.

Dimensions: 42.5h x 36.8w x 18.75d

Weight: 39.5g

SKU: 1-4-2GarQuaChiPoi-33-39.5 | #1021