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Empyrean Nexus Sphalerite Calcite Quartz Cluster

  • $109.00

Introducing the Empyrean Nexus, a Sphalerite Calcite Quartz Cluster that harmonizes the grounding force of sphalerite with the clarifying power of quartz, all while being anchored by the stabilizing presence of calcite. This tri-element cluster is a beacon of balance, transformation, and illumination, ideal for those seeking to enhance their spiritual journey with a grounding yet expansive energy.

Place this cluster in the Southeastern part of your home or workspace to attract wealth and promote clarity of mind. Its multifaceted nature resonates with Capricorns, offering them a tool for overcoming obstacles and achieving balance.

Dimensions: 40.4 x 35.5 x 74.3 mm
Weight: 68.9 grams
SKU: 4-6-1SphCalQuaClu-109-68-1191