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Emerald Cove Ocean Jasper Tower - Whispers of the Woodland Sea

  • $77.00

Embark on a journey to the Emerald Cove with our Ocean Jasper Tower in verdant green, a stately piece weighing 94.6 grams and measuring 75.4mm in height, with a width of 27.5mm and a depth of 21.9mm. This tower is a treasure of the sea, where patterns of woodland green blend with oceanic whispers, creating a symphony of nature's tranquility.

The Ocean Jasper Tower's unique blend of earthy green hues and enigmatic patterns resemble an underwater forest, teeming with life and the mystery of the deep. Revered in color therapy for its association with growth, healing, and the heart chakra, the greens of this piece encourage renewal and balance.

According to Feng Shui, placing this green Ocean Jasper Tower in the east part of your space can boost health, balance family energies, and nurture personal growth. Its soothing tones and gentle energy are perfect for meditation spaces or areas dedicated to rejuvenation and well-being.

The Emerald Cove Ocean Jasper Tower is not merely a visual splendor; it's a vessel of Mother Nature's most peaceful essence, ready to fill your environment with its calming, rejuvenating spirit.

Let this gemstone tower be your guide to inner peace, a companion on your path to wellness, and a harmonious addition to your living space or sanctuary.

Dimensions: 75.4h x 27.5w x 21.9d

Weight: 94.6g

SKU: 1-5-6OceJasTowGre-77-94.6 | #1029