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Elemental Copper Vein Freeform

  • $199.00

The Elemental Copper Vein Freeform captivates with its raw beauty and conductive energy. Copper, known for its ability to harmonize the body's energies and amplify thoughts, presents in this freeform piece as a tangible slice of the earth's creative power. Its substantial size and distinctive shape make it a focal point in any collection, promoting energetic flow and grounding.

Placing this piece in the East sector of your workspace or living area can encourage health and longevity. It’s particularly empowering for Tauruses, enhancing their natural connection to the earth and stabilizing energies.

Dimensions: 218.9 x 65.1 x 19.7 mm
Weight: 591.4 grams
SKU: 4-10-1RawCopFre-199-591-1211