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Elegant Prasiolite Crystal Tower - Portal to Serenity

  • $69.00

Discover the gentle allure of our Exquisite Prasiolite Crystal Tower, a symbol of spiritual evolution and serenity. Standing at an impressive 83mm tall, with dimensions of 28mm by 28mm, this elegant tower weighs 101 grams. Its stately presence is a powerful addition to any meditation space or as a focal point in your home, inviting an aura of tranquility.

The lustrous, leafy green hue of this Prasiolite Tower mirrors the vibrant energy of spring, representing renewal and the flourishing of the soul. According to Feng Shui wisdom, positioning this crystal in the eastern or southeastern domain of your space can amplify prosperity, health, and harmony within your family life.

Each Prasiolite Tower is expertly carved to showcase its unique natural beauty, emanating a soft, yet potent energy that aligns with the heart chakra. It stands as a monument to inner peace, encouraging emotional equilibrium and the nurturing of empathetic connections.

More than just an ornamental treasure, this Prasiolite Crystal Tower is a beacon of transformative energy, believed to convert negative thoughts into a visionary and spiritual zest. It enhances chi flow, infusing your environment with clarity and a renewed mindset.

Essential for those dedicated to healing and spiritual growth, this Prasiolite Tower is a splendid choice. It's ideal for gracing your altar, aiding in crystal grid work, or simply to hold as a meditative guide towards heart-centered consciousness.

Dimensions: 83h x 28w x 28d

Weight: 101g

SKU: 1-1-3PraTow3-101 | #1003